Sunday, October 17, 2010

10 Things I Love About Fall

Until I was about 23, I had no real preference for any particular season. They were all just okay.  Over the past, ahem, few years, though, especially after Richard and I bought our house, Fall started to become a real front-runner.  I noticed that as Autumn started to come around, I began to feel invigorated and excited. Now I can whole-heartedly declare Fall as my favorite season, and over the weekend, a several reasons started to swirl around in my head that I thought I'd share.  Some of them are definitely cliched; others are probably limited to me and a few other nuts that I haven't met.

1. Lower humidity means frizz-free hair that stays straight all day.  I think of this all summer long.
2. The view from our backyard is of Monte Sano Mountain, and it is wonderful. I still can't believe that we live in a home with such a nice view, and Fall totally exemplifies that.
3. Fall is officially the kickoff of the holiday season; the year closes out with a bang.  Every month has a great holiday to look forward to.  (Don't be surprised, by the way, when in about three months there is a post entitled "10 Things I Hate About January.")
4. Long sleeves.  I am, for a couple of reasons, self-concious about my arms, and I welcome long-sleeve weather.  Paradoxically, I actually like my hands, so long-sleeved clothes are the best of both worlds: covering up my arms, while making my hands a highlighted feature.  Yes! In a related vein, it's the beginning of the general public starting to wear more clothes, which makes trips to Wal-Mart somewhat less perilous.  Bonus.
5.  Pumpkin. Cinnamon.  Apples.  Warm Soups.  Fall food is the best.  And I actually feel like cooking from time to time because of that.
6. I'm crazy about boots.  I don't currently own a good specimen of said fashion implements, but I still enjoy seeing them out and about, and I'm always hopeful that I'll come across a good pair for myself.
7. I'm not wild about the shorter days, but I do love coming home and cozying up with my husband and puppy in the evenings.  There's that great hibernate-y feeling that's not great for the thighs, but wonderful for the heart.  You don't have to feel guilty for spending the whole night reading.  Not that I ever do anyway...
8. Planning for Christmas shopping.  I love planning things, and even though I don't actually shop until at best mid-November and at worst mid-December - by the time I do shop, I've got it all planned out.
9. Brown is my color.  I love wearing browns, and fall is the time to do it!
10. The death of most outdoor bugs. The weather is nice enough to spend time outside, and you don't get eaten up by mosquitos.  Now if you can just dodge those wasps...

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Leslie said...

I must say I GET and agree with pretty much every one of those reasons. I have just as many reasons to love Spring. Spring used to tower over Fall for me, but now they're pretty equal on my awesome-meter. :)